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Formats and Collection

  • What's the difference between the EPUB and PDF format?

    Books on Yellowhead Regional Library are available in one of two formats: EPUB and PDF. EPUB files are flexible in that you can adjust certain aspects of the layout, including font size or color. PDF files, on the other hand, are more static. Font size cannot be changed, which makes reading on an e-reader much harder, or even impossible.

  • The ebook that I downloaded is not a PDF or EPUB file. It's called URLLink.acsm. What is it, and what software should I use to open it?

    URLLink.acsm is not the ebook in itself: it's a link that your e-reading app will use to download the book from Yellowhead Regional Library.

    To open the file, use one of the e-reading apps recommended for your device. For more information, refer to the Startup Guide for your device.

  • A lot of books are already checked out. Is there a way to search for available books only?

    Yes. You can simply check the box "Available titles only", located at the top of the search results page.