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  • How long is the lending period for a borrowed ebook?

    Your library set the lending period for 21 days.

  • How long do I have to download the book I borrowed?

    From the moment the confirmation email is sent, you have 24 hours to download the book. If you don't download the book during this period, it will be put back into circulation.

  • Why do I receive an email when I borrow a book from Yellowhead Regional Library?

    The email sent when you borrow a book includes a link that allows you to download the book. You can therefore download it directly on the loan page, or from the email.

    This email may come in handy if, for instance, you borrowed the book on your computer, but you want to download it to your tablet. You can then simply open the email on your tablet and click on the download link.

  • How many ebooks can I have out and on hold at one time?

    Your library set the checkouts limit at 7 and the holds limit at 3. You can therefore have 7 books out and 3 books on hold at a time.

  • Yellowhead Regional Library is telling me that I have a hold now available for loan, but I am not able to download the book.

    Make sure that you didn't reach your loans limit before downloading a hold now available for loan. If it is the case, return one of your loans in your reading application in order to borrow a new book.

  • Why do I have to wait for a copy to be available to borrow it? Since the ebook is a digital file, couldn't it be loaned to multiple patrons at a time?

    For technical and legal reasons, the distribution rights for ebooks in libraries are somewhat similar to those of physical books. Agreements with publishers require that a copy of an ebook may only be loaned to one patron at a time.

  • Can I borrow books from anywhere, or do I have to be at my library?

    Yellowhead Regional Library was designed for patrons to borrow books from anywhere. You don't need to go to your local library to borrow ebooks.

  • Can I borrow Yellowhead Regional Library's ebooks from outside the country?

    Yes. You can borrow Yellowhead Regional Library's ebooks from anywhere in the world - provided that you have Internet access.

  • Can I borrow ebooks directly from my e-reader?

    Generally, e-readers are not designed to allow the borrowing of books directly from the device. To add ebooks to your e-reader, you must first open the book in an application on your computer, and then transfer it to your e-reader.

    To know more about this procedure, refer to the Startup Guide for your e-reader.

  • How can I borrow ebooks directly from Adobe Digital Editions?

    You cannot borrow ebooks directly from Adobe Digital Editions. You must first access Yellowhead Regional Library to borrow the book you want, and then open the downloaded file with Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Can I open the same borrowed book on two different devices?

    Yes, as long as both devices are authorized with the same Adobe ID.

    For example, you could open an ebook in Adobe Digital Editions and transfer it to your Kobo reader, and then open it with Bluefire Reader on your iPad, as long as Adobe Digital Editions, your Kobo reader, and Bluefire Reader are all authorized with the same Adobe ID.

  • Do I need to be connected to the Internet to read a borrowed ebook?

    No. Once the book is downloaded onto your device, you can read it without any Internet access.

  • If I haven't finished the book when my loan is over, can I check it out again?

    Yes, as long as it hasn't been checked out by another patron and that there is no hold on it.

  • I waited for the exact time a checked out book was going to be returned, but when I tried to borrow it, it wasn't available. Why?

    If the book is a bestseller, perhaps another patron was quicker than you!

  • I downloaded an ebook twice, and now, two copies of it appear in my library. Do they count for two different loans?

    No. Although you can add the ebook to your library multiple times, only one loan is counted. To remove the unnecessary copies, you can use the Delete function on your device or reading app.