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Access and User Account

  • Do I need a library card to borrow ebooks?

    Yes. For more information on getting a library card and accessing Yellowhead Regional Library, contact your local public library.

  • What should I do if I forgot the card number or password required to access Yellowhead Regional Library?

    Contact your local public library for more information on getting a new username or password.

  • When I try to access my account, I get the error message "Access denied".

    You have probably been signed out of Yellowhead Regional Library. You may simply reconnect via your library's website.

  • Why am I asked for an email address when I first access Yellowhead Regional Library? Will this address be kept confidential?

    Everytime you check out a book or one of your holds is available, you will get a notification by email.

    This email address will be used for the above purposes only and will not be transmitted to third parties. It will remain completely confidential.

  • Should the email address in my Yellowhead Regional Library user account be the same as my Adobe ID?

    No, you can use two different addresses. However, make sure to write down the email address that you chose when you created your Adobe ID. You will need it to set up ebooks reading devices and applications.

  • I made a mistake in my email address when I signed up. How can I change it?

    Simply position the cursor over your name in the upper right corner and click on Account information. There you can enter your new email address and save.

  • My partner and I have two library cards, but we share the same email address. Can we use the same email address for each of our Yellowhead Regional Library user accounts?

    No. Two different user accounts cannot be associated with the same email address. You must create a second email address.

    There are several free email services, including Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail.