Home to nine races of humans and near-humans, the world of Tamar lies on the brink of total war unless the living crystals known as the karionin find young wizards capable of attuning themselves to the magic of the stones.

In “LYSKARION: The Song of the Wind (Book One in the Karionin Chronicles)”, the karionin Lyskarion chooses one of the dolphin folk wizards as its bearer. Now in a world torn by war between the humans and tiger folk, a second living crystal, Cinkarion must select a new bearer—one who’s mind is as powerful as the crystal itself.

To the human wizards’ initial disappointment, Cinkarion chooses a member of tiger folk royalty, a young woman who is a commander in the navy. Could this be a mistake, or part of a bigger plan to bring together a new wizards’ council — one that represents all of the races of Tamar in equality?