Creatures of the Night

Writers everywhere were issued a challenge—write an epic flash fiction story in under 1000 words.

But there was a twist, it couldn’t be just any story. It had to tell the tale of a creature that haunts the night; one that lurks in the shadows; one that hides in dark places.

Authors from all over the USA, UK and Canada met the challenge.

From the submissions received fourteen writers were selected; some with already established writing careers, others who are breaking out and these are their first works.

Within, you will find an eclectic collection of flash fiction that covers everything from the horrific to the humorous. There are real gems here—all waiting to scare you, thrill you, and make you laugh. Perhaps they’ll even make you wonder about what’s really going on out there while you’re asleep.

There is much more here than you’ve bargained for—and you’ll think twice before extinguishing your lights.

Read these stories in a safe place, preferably where you can bolt the doors and lock the windows, because tonight you will dream about Creatures of the Night.

The winning stories and authors include are:

Blood Money by Jay Raven
Demon Disease by Tina Hunter
The Full Treatment by Sarah Melton
When I’m Sixty Four by Matthew Stroescu
Paranoia by Marie Andreas
Hot Spell by R.L. Stuemke
Leprechauns on Ice by Stef Donev
Nightly Appetizers by Cynthia Latzko
Becoming Human by Heather Wildman
Signal To Noise by Paul Monks
Mistakes Bite by Tina Hunter
Weapons of Mass Destruction by Jay Raven
The Prisoner by Tammy Lynde
Eternal Moonless Night by Matthew Stroescu
Buttons Almighty by Sarah Melton
The Bridge Guardian by Beth Caudill
Quickening by Paul Monks
Foxhunt by M.L.D. Curelas
Redemption by J. A. Saar