Wolf Spirit

When diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour, Gudrun Pflüger was told she had eighteen months left to live. Taking the wolf—a true “endurance athlete”—as her model, she immerses herself in the wilderness of the mountain ranges of western Canada and focuses her mind and body on a mysterious and inspirational path toward self-healing.

Through an intensely personal, scientific and emotional connection with the wolves she studies and the glorious landscape that surrounds her, Gudrun Pflüger tells a touching and absorbing story of the transformative and healing power of nature.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Wolf Spirit 1
Contents 7
Foreword 9
Prologue 11
New Dimensions: Kootenay 13
In the Rhythm of the Tides: Coastal Rainforest 23
Night Shift: Foothills 55
Wild Encounters: Livingstone 83
Every Step Counts: Adventures in the World of Sports 129
The Wisdom of Grey Owl: Prairie Life 163
The Beauty Lies in the Barrenness: Tundra Time 195
Touched: Wild Island 227
Everything is Possible: Nipika 233
Rain Man: At Home 245
Epilogue 251
Danke – Thank You 253
Further Reading 255