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Here we come to know Jane Austen by the company she keeps: her predecessors Fielding, Sterne, Lennox, and Burney, her contemporary Scott, and her successors Waugh and Amis—comic novelists all. And comedy is the connection between these twelve elegant essays by the distinguished academic Bruce Stovel, who most lovingly engages Austen herself through his studies of her comic novels, her art of conversation, her pleasure principle, and her prayers. Edited by Nora Foster Stovel, the collection includes an introduction by Juliet McMaster and an afterword by Isobel Grundy.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front Cover 1
Title Page 4
Copyright 5
Contents 6
Preface | Foster Stovel 8
Acknowledgements 16
Introduction | McMaster 18
Tom Jones and the Odyssey 24
Tristam Shandy and the Art of Gossip 44
"Female Difficulties" 58
Waverley and the Aeneid 78
Jane Austen and the Pleasure Principle 98
Asking versus Telling 118
"A Contrariety of Emotion" 140
Once More, with Feeling 152
Comic Symmetry in Jane Austen's Emma 168
"The Sentient Target of Death" 186
The Genesis of Evelyn Waugh's Comic Vision 204
Traditional Comedy and the Comic Mask in Kingsley Amis's Lucky Jim 226
Afterword | Grundy 244
Works Cited 248
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