Taking the Lead

In an extensive and frank exploration, leaders in women's coaching discuss the values women bring to the coaching profession, their quest for equal access, ways career aspirations and motherhood are juggled, how to negotiate contracts, and encounters with homophobia, harassment, and bullying. They also identify the challenges to progress and highlight the essential changes that need to be made. This volume will be of interest to sports organizations, leaders, and educators; athletes and parents; researchers in sports and gender studies; and politicians and policy makers. Women in leadership roles in business, public service, education, and their communities will find the wisdom contained in Taking the Lead readily transferable to their respective arenas.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Front Cover 1
Title Page 4
Copyright 5
Contents 6
Message from the Coaching Association of Canada 8
Message from the Canadian Association for the Advancement and Sport and Physical Activity 10
Preface | Robertson 12
Introduction | Marshall 16
I Issues 32
1 The Perils and Pleasures of Coaching and Motherhood | Robertson 34
2 Changing the Androcentric World of Sport - Is It Possible? | Werthner, Culver & Mercier 68
3 Female Coaches' Experience of Harassment and Bullying | Kerr 88
4 Homophobia in Sport - Fact of Life, Taboo Subject | Demers 104
II Skills 130
5 Communicating with Clarity" Guidelines to Help Female Coaches Succeed | Werthner & Taylor 132
6 Understanding Mentoring as a Development Tool for Female Coaches | Marshall & Sharp 148
7 Political Advocacy in Coaching - Why Engage? | Mercier & Marshall 178
III Advice 196
8 Coaching as a Viable Career Path for Women | Werthner & Callary 198
9 Developing the Next Generation of Female Coaches | MArshall, Demers & Sharp 212
10 The Business of Greatness | Mercier 234
11 Contracts and Contract Negotiations | Findlay 248
Afterword | Marshall 274
Appendix 1: A Five-Point Collaborative Strategy for Change 276
Appendix 2: Provincial and National Coaching Associations 286
Appendix 3: A Decade of Articles from the Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching 290
Contributors 296
Index 302