Inside Law School

Are today's law school students being adequately prepared for their role in the twenty-first century? Noel Lyon does not believe that they are and maintains that current legal education is not in the public interest. With over thirty years experience in the legal field, Lyon passionately challenges the status quo.

Inside Law School: Two Dialogues about Legal Education aims to provoke discussion on the future of legal education, particularly in relation to important topical issues such as environmental degradation and women's rights, which are not yet part of mainstream legal education. Using easy-to-read parallel dialogues between two law professors and two law students to present his ideas and points of view, Lyon clearly shows the existence of two law school cultures and lays the foundation for productive debate and reform.

This book will be of interest not only to law professors and law students but also to practising lawyers, especially those governing the legal profession. Those outside the law profession who are discontent with our legal system and the role of lawyers in it will also find it captivating reading.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Inside Law School 1
Table of Contents 6
Introduction 8
1. At the Coffee Machine 12
2. The Student Lounge 24
3. Gazing Out the Window 46
4. Poking Around in Charles's Psyche 52
5. Exam Hype 76
6. Gazing into an IBM 96
7. Richard Opens the Door 100
8. Trial by Ordeal 108
9. Listening 122
10. Brainstorming 176
11. Electives 192
12. Some Correspondence 202
13. The Proposal 206
Epilogue 214
Readings 216