Trade Negotiations in Agriculture


Trade Negotiations in Agriculture

In the current age of globalization, collaboration between nations is paramount. In September 2003, a group of academics, government officials, and business leaders gathered at the University of Calgary under the auspices of its Latin American Research Centre (LARC) to discuss issues related to international trade negotiations in agriculture. This innovative undertaking, which was a collaborative effort of York University, the University of Western Ontario, L'Université du Québec à Montréal, and the University of Calgary, had one main objective: to identify trade issues common to Canada and Brazil and to formulate possible plans for co-operation and coalition-building. Trade Negotiations in Agriculture: A Future Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada? is one result of this highly successful conference. This collection highlights some of the outstanding contributions from conference participants and provides useful background information for those who want to learn more about these important international economic issues.

With Contributions by:

Eugene Bealieu
Shenjie Chen
James D. Gaisford
Annette Hester
Grant E. Issac
Mario Q.M. Jales
Marcos S. Jank
Florencia Jubany
Jane H. Kelley
Willima A. Kerr
Laura J. Loppacher
James D. Rude
Estela Tavares
May T. Yeung

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Trade Negotiations in Agriculture 1
Contents 8
Preface 10
Foreword 14
1 Beyond Cancún - Can Brazil and Canada Find Common Causes in Shaping a New Institutional Architecture for Agricultural Trade? 18
2 On Product-, Box-, and Blame-Shifting: Negotiating Frameworks for Agriculture in the WTO Doha Round 42
3 Renegotiating Anti-Dumping: Should Brazil and Canada Seek Fundamental Reform? 96
4 SPS Market Access Issues in International Agricultural Negotiations: Are Brazilian and Canadian Positions in Concert or Conflict? 138
5 Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Opportunities for Brazil-Canada Co-operation 154
6 Trade in Services 194
7 Brazil and Canada beyond the Doha Round: Working Towards a Trade Agenda for the Twenty-First Century 216
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