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Whether you’re searching for drugs or a missing person, K9 Scent Training will improve your K9 team's capabilities in the field. In this must-have guide for SAR teams and police K9 trainers and handlers, Dr. Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak present everything you need to know to build or improve a scent training program. Scent training involves high-stakes work, and in the case of a search for a missing person, the right training for your K9 can mean the difference between life and death.

Beginning with the science behind odors and how dogs perceive them, Resi and Ruud show you how to harness that knowledge to eliminate training problems and maximize your dog's potential. You'll learn how to start scent training for young dogs using simple exercises before building up to more complex training. Finally, using techniques they've perfected over decades, Resi and Ruud share their specialized, step-by-step programs for advanced scent identification training and tracking.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Contents 6
Introduction 8
1 Living in Different Worlds 12
2 Human Odor on Objects 27
3 Human Odor on a Track 45
4 The Dog’s Nose 60
5 Odors and Perception 75
6 Scent Training for Young Dogs 93
7 Training Scent-Identification Dogs 111
8 Training Tracking Dogs 137
9 Training Detector Dogs 167
Notes 189
Bibliography 194
Additional Resources 199
About the Authors 202