The Columbia River Treaty

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The Columbia River Treaty ratification in 1964 created the largest hydropower project in North America, with additional emphasis on flood protection for the United States. As the treaty approaches its 60th anniversary, and the first opportunity for modification, its signatories are preparing proposals for new ways forward and stakeholders on both sides of the border are speaking up.

The Columbia River Treaty: A Primer is a vital work that clearly explains the nature of this complex water greement between Canada and the United States and how its impending update will impact communities, landscapes, industry and water supplies between the two countries for many years to come. The authors include in the work a call to action, in the hope that a renewed Columbia River Treaty might prove a model for other current transboundary water agreements around the world as they strive to meet not only the challenges of the present day but also the needs of future generations.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
The Columbia River Treaty 1
Map 6
Contents 7
Acknowledgements 11
Introduction 13
Chapter One: The Intent of the Columbia River Treaty and its Success to Date 19
Chapter Two: Success at What Cost ? 41
Chapter Three: What has Changed and What is Changing 55
Chapter Four: What Is at Stake 101
Chapter Five: What Are the Prospects for Renegotiating the Treaty? 117
Chapter Six: What’s Next? 139
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