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Make sure your K9 investigation work holds up in court. Faulty K9 investigations often have serious consequences: the guilty might walk free, and the innocent might suffer. Internationally recognized dog handlers and trainers Dr. Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak use real-life case studies--historical and recent--to highlight K9 errors that can derail entire investigations. Each of these mistakes, such as influencing your dog's results or relying on contaminated scents, damages your reputation and the value of your work. But with the right knowledge and training protocols, you can minimize investigation errors.

K9 errors have hampered investigations from the earliest uses of dogs for police work in Europe to twenty-first century cases such as the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States. Don’t let the same mistakes happen to you and your team.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Introduction 8
1 Scent-Identification Lineups 10
2 The Dutch Training Method for Scent Identification 42
3 Dogs’ Responsiveness to Human Gestures 64
4 Tracking Dogs in Crime Investigation 80
5 Scent Research and Tracking Experiments 111
6 Errors in Mantrailing 142
7 Human Odor and Dogs’ Scent Perception 179
8 Scent Problems and Training Problems 208
9 Preventing Investigation Errors 231
Notes 252
About the Authors 260