No Straight Lines

Local Leadership and the Path from Government to Governance in Small Cities

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No Straight Lines

Small cities face intricate challenges. No Straight Lines provides the basis for a refined model of community engaged leadership and research designed to realize equality of quality of life.

With particular attention to the small city of Kamloops, BC, this collection explores the impact of extended, short term, and unique leadership collaborations. It addresses local responses to homelessness, sustainability, food security, and more. It offers insight into the role of the university in the small city as a place of learning, and a contributor to positive change.

Based on active engagement, this book reveals the barriers present in addressing local needs, and the transformations that can be achieved through effective collaboration. It offers valuable insights into flexible practices that respond to the needs of community organizations and recognizes the challenges associated with resource constraints and capacity limitations. This unique collection provides new insights into the twists and turns of leadership and learning in the small city.

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Table des matières
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Contents 6
INTRODUCTION: Leadership, Learning, and Equality of Quality of Life in the Small City 10
1 | Promoting “Community Leadership and Learning” on Social Challenges: Government of Canada Homelessness Initiatives and the Small City of Kamloops, British Columbia 42
2 | “What a Difference a Shower Can Make” 80
3 | No Straight Lines: Using Creativity as a Method to Fight Homelessness 108
4 | The Kamloops Public ProduceProject: A Story of Place,Partnerships, and Proximity inan Edible Garden Setting 154
5 | The Kamloops Adult Learners Society: Leadership through Organic Partnerships and Knowledge Support in the Small City 184
6 | The Tranquille Oral History Project: Reflections on a Community-Engaged Research Initiative in Kamloops, British Columbia 214
7 | CONCLUSION Leadership Initiatives and Community-Engaged Research: Explorations and Critical Insightson “Leadership and Learning”in the Small City of Kamloops 236
Contributors 294
Index 296
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