The Malinois
The History and Development of the Breed in Schutzhund, Detection and Police Work


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A comprehensive guide to the history and development of the Malinois breed.
The Malinois is one of the most effective working dog breeds in the world, prized for their intelligence and high energy level. This breed, which for centuries served as the ultimate sheepdog, has become increasingly popular among police departments and militaries that recognize its unique suitability for detection and police work.
Beginning with a brief history of Belgian shepherd dogs, Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak next explore the emergence of the Malinois as a distinct breed over a century ago and examine the history of the Malinois in police work. They also provide practical tips and information for those who are raising and training a Malinois themselves.
Learn: Learn: Specific problems Malinois handlers and trainers may encounter; How the breed developed to become the top choice for police work; Other roles for which the Malinois is perfectly adapted, including tracking, search and rescue, oil and gas detection, and more.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Contents 6
Introduction 8
1 A History of Sheepdogs 14
2 The Belgian Malinois 36
3 Working Malinois in the Netherlands 80
4 Behavior, Raising, and Training 106
5 The Malinois as Police Dog 125
6 The Malinois in Other Roles 166
Conclusion: A Lack of Character 201
Appendix: KNPV National Champions, 1946–2017 206
Notes 214
Bibliography 216
About the Authors 218
Index 222