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  • Laugh Out Loud Dogs

    Laugh Out Loud Dogs

    LOL Dogs Q: Why did the dog cross the road twice? A: He was trying to fetch a boomerang. Q: What do you call a really cold dog? A: A pupsicle! Q: What kind of pet does Dracula have? A: A bloodho...

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  • Amazing Dogs

    Amazing Dogs

    Our best friends. They can be pets or working dogs; they race for sticks and balls or find survivors of disasters, and they are the subjects of some of the most amazing and touching stories: * Empl...

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  • Dogs With Jobs

    Dogs With Jobs

    Hardworking Pooches

    Most pets' main job is to provide companionship to their human companions. But many dogs have other, very important jobs as well. Dogs' keen sense of smell, their intelligence and willingness to le...

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